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    Minister | Author | Teacher

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    “I am just a girl who loves God and who finds joy and purpose

    in telling others how much He loves them!”

  • A little about me ...

    Minister Regina Rogers is a native of Kansas City, Missouri where she grew up and graduated from high school. She came to Springfield to attend college where she majored in Social Work. During the mid-late 1990’s, Regina served in her church with the youth and various other parts of the ministry including the choir and women’s ministry. Since that time, Regina has served multiple para-ministry organizations in Springfield in various capacities including Secretary of Minister’s Coalition of Springfield, Ministry Administrator for Gwen Marshall Ministries Inc., and Chief Operating Officer for Springfield Legacy Committee.


    Regina does not look like what she has been through because she has found true solace in the power of supernatural forgiveness and gratitude to avoide the snare of bitterness, resentment and fear.


    Regina's home church is Deliverance Temple Ministries, where her Spiritual Father, Bishop David Knox Jr., is her Pastor. Currently, she serves her home church in the capacity of Minister, Teacher Visitor Care Coordinator, and Facebook Page Manager. Besides ministering when called upon at home or invitations from other ministries or organizations, Minister Regina hosts virtual broadcasts on Facebook and Instragram where she teaches and shares encouraging messages that challenges believers to continue in their faith.

    Regina earned her Master of Organizational Leadership degree in 2012 and is presently in the process of earning a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis in Leadership and Public Management.


    Regina is owner of Shine Unlimited, a for-profit media company that hosts live events such as “Becoming Encounter.” Through Shine Media, Regina self-publishes her books, and produces both her audio recordings and her online broadcasts. Regina began hosting her “The Living Room” broadcast on Periscope and Facebook in 2017 and has plans to expand to YouTube in 2024.


    In addition to her newly released devotional "50 Reflections" (2023), Regina is the author of "Someone New" (2020) and "Love Facets" (2016). She produced a cd entitled, "Declarations & Affirmations" (2017) and has an extensive catalog of ministry sermons and online teachings.


    In January 2024, Minister Regina celebrates 28 years of ministry service.


    Whether it is her live broadcasts, a counseling phone call, her writings, speaking for a conference or ministering on a Sunday morning, Regina's motivation and agenda is to always foster a safe place and atmosphere where people can encounter God and experience the eternal life John 17:3 talks about.

    In a nutshell, Regina’s greatest desire is to allow God to express Himself through her ... and to teach others how to do the same. She loves God and finds both joy and purpose in telling others how much He loves them. 

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    December 2, 2023

    Scripture Clinic


    December 31, 2023

    Women's Sunday

    Deliverance Temple Ministries


    Watch Night Service

    Sanctuary of Praise COGIC


    January 14, 2024

    Deliverance Temple Ministries


    February 3, 2024

    Scripture Clinic


    February 11, 2024

    Deliverance Temple Ministries


    March 8, 2024

    Women's Day Summit

    Tina Moore Global, Clubhouse


    April 6, 2024

    Scripture Clinic


    April 27, 2024

    Women's Conference

    Sanctuary of Praise COGIC


    June 22, 2024

    Prayer Breakfast



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