But while all of this LIFE was happening around me …  

- Taught youth Sunday School, served as Co-Youth Director and Youth Dance Leader (1996-1998)

- Earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree (1997) (Missouri State University, Springfield, MO)

- Ordained a Minister of the Gospel (2003)(Overseer, Bernadine (Tillman) Birdsong, Holy Nation Ministries, Birmingham, AL)

- Started an online magazine called, "Glory Watch" self-published under Glory-to-Glory Productions (2003) (ceased publication after 9 years)

- Began hosting Live Events under ministry name "Kingdom Life Ministries" (2005)

- Graduated "School of the Prophet," (2005) (Prophetic training and equipping program through Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

- Released annual "Prophetic Word and Study Guide for Upcoming Year" (2005 - 2012)

- Earned a Master of Organizational Leadership degree (2012) (Evangel University , Springfield, MO)

- Transferred Ordination under auspices of home church (2015)

- Went on a short-term missions trip to South Africa with Dr. Pat Bailey of Master's Touch Ministries (2015)

- Restructured previous ministry model and established "Shine Unlimited" as a market-place ministry model (2015)

- Authored 3 books [Selah Vol. 1(2003); Selah Vol. 2 (2004); Love Facets (2016); Someone New (2020)]

- Launched "Living Room Broadcast"  that airs simultaneously on Periscope and Facebook Live(2017)

- Released "Declarations and Affirmations" CD (2017)

- Hosted several live ministry events (2005 - present)

 Enrichment Seminars (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2017), Worship Fest (2007 & 2008),

Whole Woman Conference (2017), Becoming Encounter (2019) Reimagine Live Virtual Event (2020)

Celebrate 25 (2021), Becoming Encounter: Reloaded (2021)

- Served several churches, pastors, & ministries (1996 - present)

"This is going to be your time to run.  This is going to be your time to get rid of the pain.  This is going to be your time to prosper and be in health.  This is going to be the time for you to find Kingdom wealth." 

"Regina is an Interpreter of the Yearn … Manifester of the Invisible … The Voice of the Voiceless Ones." 

Minister Regina Rogers

"Regina, I see lots of movement.  God is moving things out of the way and creating room.  And He says 'what you see Me do, I want you to do.'  And as you make room for Him in this season, He is going to be like the Widow Woman who went and got the jars.  And the Lord says, ' I am about to fill your jars.  I am about to fill your places as you make room for My oil to pour.  I am going to begin to fill those places.  Not just the broken places.  I am going to fill some places to overflowing.' 

God says there are some places you actually have a great flow in but as you make room for Him, He is going to overflow the flow.  He is going to overflow the increase.  He is going to overflow even the great things you are doing.  As you make room. 

I see Him coming in with a sword and He is cutting some things away.  God says this is a time of circumcision as well because God says you are about to go in and possess the land.  I literally see you taking ownership of land in Jesus' name."  



Minister | Author | Speaker

Helping Truth Seekers Encounter God

Dr. Undrai Fizer (Houston, TX)

"With God All Things Are Possible ... And If You Believe ... Nothing Will Be Impossible To You"

"Regina, you carry a mantle of authority and a Kingdom vision.  God is beginning to activate you into a Kingdom season for a Kingdom time such as this." 

  • Regina Rogers - Who We Are_Ins4:47

Prophet Malik Edwards  (Lake Ridge, Virginia)

"All that God is ... is in you ... by His Spirit. You are more powerful than you realize."

Minister Regina Rogers

​​Apostle Enos Chamberlain (Columbia, MO)

Regina with her Spiritual Father 

Bishop David Knox Jr.

Apostle Pam Vinnett (Tulsa, OK)

Founder and Pastor of

Deliverance Temple Ministries, Springfield, Missouri

My mom got pregnant with me as a teenager soon after Roe v Wade was legalized in early 1973.  She received advice to abort me but “something” convinced my mom to have me.  With virtually no support my mother dropped out of high school only months before her graduation and facing an extremely difficult situation of being a single teen mom she kept me and I was born later that year.  My mom was not “saved” at this time but when I was born … all alone at the hospital … she dedicated me to the Lord.  She told me her prayer was something like, “God, You can take better care of my baby than I can.  Please take care of her.”  I am convinced my mother’s prayer the morning I was born is the reason I have always sensed God’s presence in my life, even from an early age. 

There is not enough space on this page to tell my entire story but life growing up was very difficult.  We were poor and often struggled financially.  My mom, my brothers and I suffered a lot of abuse and sadness. I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel when I got a full-ride scholarship to go away to college.  I moved about 3 hours away from home to go to school.  I was finally free!

Over the next 20 plus years, I met my former husband and got married.  We were married 17 years and divorced when he decided he no longer wanted to be married.  I thought growing up in an abusive home was the hardest thing I would ever face but divorcing someone who was my best friend was absolutely the most heart-breaking ordeal I have ever encountered.  The past several years since the divorce God has taught me the power of supernatural forgiveness and has beautifully healed my heart!  Hallelujah!

Losing my middle brother, Ron in 2016 was also a pain I am finding never actually subsides. 

There are very few days that go by where I do not think about him.  I miss him so much. 

Honors & Recognition

"The National Society of Leadership and Success" (2019)Presented by Sigma Alpha Pi, Minneapolis, MN

"Women in Ministry Award"  (2017) Presented by Dr. Alma Holt, Own Your Empowerment Inc., Memphis TN

"International Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration" (2015)  Presented by Pi Alpha Alpha, Minneapolis, MN

"Golden Key International Honor Society" (2013)  Presented by Golden Key International, Minneapolis, MN

For a total of 25 years of servant-leadership ministry experience.

My home church is Deliverance Temple Ministries (#iamdtm) where my Spiritual Father, Bishop David Knox Jr. is my Pastor.  Currently, I am serving my home church in the capacity of Minister, Teacher, and Visitor Care Coordinator.  Besides ministering when called upon at home or other invitations, I am in the process of earning my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis in Leadership and Public Management
(Walden University, Minneapolis, MN)  and working on my next three books, "The Audacity of Yes", "Beloved” and “12 Commandments of Organizational Leadership.”

I’ll be honest and transparent with you.  Being a minister was never my first choice of things to do with my life.  I went to college intending to be a Business major because I wanted to start an international plus-size fashion house and eventually become a beauty ambassador for L’Oreal cosmetics (that was the brand I used at the time)THAT was my dream at 18/19 years old.  But then I met this small group of students on campus who were on fire for God in ways I had never witnessed in anyone!.  Hanging out with them I got filled with Holy Spirit the end of my second year in college and let’s just say all those previous plans went out the window.  “Hearing the Call” in the summer of 1994 … and finally “accepting the call” in 1996 my life has been everything except normal and I would not change it for anything in the world!

Whether it is my live broadcasts, a counseling phone call, my weekly Bible Study class, speaking for a conference or ministering on Sunday morning … my motivation and agenda is to always foster a safe place and atmosphere where people can encounter God and experience the eternal life John 17:3 talks about.  And while I did not set out to be an ordained minister, nothing gives me more satisfaction now than seeing people experiencing God in a real transformational way. 

My abbreviated ministry framework is as follows:

"He loves us with an everlasting love ... and with lovingkindness He draws us."  Jeremiah 31:3

"His life is the light that shines through the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it."  John 1:5

"This is life eternal, to know the one true God and Jesus Christ Whom He sent."  John 17:3

"And all things are of God, Who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given us the ministry of reconciliation."  2 Corinthians 5:18"

In a nutshell, my greatest desire is to allow God to express Himself through me ... and to teach others how to do the same.